|Ng'ombe Planner|
a farmer centric data collection and feedback system

Ng'ombe Planner is a more efficient data collection system for researchers. It relies on the farmers to record their farm production and incidences using their mobile phones and site coordinators to do a follow up of any cases or incidences.

  1. A data collection system
  2. By the farmers
  3. Using their own mobile devices
  4. For research purposes

There was the need of research projects collect longitudinal data in a fast, accurate and efficient way and the paper based system was riddled with so much challenges.

  1. Need to collect extensive longitudinal data
  2. Too much errors in traditional paper based data collection systems

Ng'ombe Planner can be accessed via;

  1. The USSD platform from any phone, by dialling *384*4564#
  2. A Java Enabled Phones [Download App]
  3. A Phone running on Android OS [Download App]
  4. The Web (Only for Analytics)
  1. Sample Storage

  2. The Team

  3. Data Collection

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